Mahtava Cycles
I am a unicyclist from MKE, WI. I have been riding since I was about twelve, and stopped clowning around with my unicycle when I was 14. This blog is to encourage and promote street unicycling. Whether you want to learn or just watch, Mahtava Cycles is the blog for you!
Mahtava Cycles
Check out the guy in the background.

"Walking and juggling, together, around the world…This photo was taken in a wonderful park in Turin, by Giulio Cetino.Between the shadows of the trees along our river, the Po, and the streets of the city, we have learned to take the first steps… where the road will lead us now?”

I should have invested in a unicycle instead of snow tires

I like that there is a smashed car in this picture.

Alicia Martin

Unicycle hockey… its a real thing. One team even dress like penguins… on unicycles… playing hockey…

The Unicyclist drawn on wood panel
Q: I watched a few videos and this is cook shit!! Thanks man!!! -city bus person
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